Role description

Essential Responsibilities

·      Standardize (OLTP databases, (Dimensional) Datawarehouse, and Datamart. Create and maintain logical and physical models in joined with the DW specialist.

·      Assurance that models are created adequately to scale organization growth.

·      Assure data asset consistency and integrity.

·      Maintain a central repository for every data model.

·      Assure reusability and compatibility between data models through the organizational portfolio.

·      Analyze business requirements and design new physical and logical models to support new applications and datamarts in addition to helping define a common information language to the integration shell for the support of integrated business applications and external business transactions (eBusiness and Business to Business).

· Analyze entrepreneurial data and provide recommendations, policy creation, operational processes, and work by the best insurance practices.

·      Assist the operational DBA during production and support migrations.

·      Create and Manage metadata models (frameworks).

·      Recommend OLTP architecture, Data warehousing, metadata managing, and data quality.

·      Support the department with new initiatives.

·      Assist professional development forums and self-development sessions.

·      Assurance of strict standards of professionalism and confidentiality on matters that require discretion.


BA in Computer Science or related area and (3-5) years minimum experience in a related IT role of operational data system modeling (OLTP and data warehousing) or any equivalent education and experience combined.



·      Four-year minimum experience and knowledge in Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

·      Skills in converting business needs into physical and logical models.

·      SOA understanding and other architectural applications-based services.

·      Source and target data knowledge, schematics development, MDM, and metadata management.

·      Basic knowledge of productivity tools such as Excel and Analysis Services.

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