International Network Engineer

Role description

Role Description: International Network Engineer (SDWAN and Fortinet Firewall Expert)


We are seeking an International Network Engineer with expertise in SDWAN and Fortinet Firewall (L3). This role involves collaborating with IT teams across various countries, primarily in Europe, and engaging with providers such as Telefonica, Aruba, and Telecom. Your proficiency with Zscaler (ZIA and ZPA), proxies, and LANs will be valuable. You will support country Infrastructure Managers, mainly in Europe, and have a technical Networking colleague based remotely in Malaga, Spain, to assist you.


Key Responsibilities:

• Design and Implementation:

o Design, implement, and manage Fortinet firewall solutions to secure the company's networks.

o Implement and manage new network security projects.

• Network Security:

o Configure, maintain, and update network security policies.

o Collaborate with the security team to identify and remediate network vulnerabilities.

o Monitor and analyze security logs to detect and respond to security incidents.

• Security Solutions Management:

o Manage and optimize Zscaler security solutions (ZIA for Internet access filtering and ZPA for remote connections).

o Administer and configure proxies to ensure secure and filtered browsing.

• LAN Maintenance:

o Maintain and troubleshoot LAN networks to ensure reliable and high-performance connectivity.

o Document network configurations and procedures.

• Technical Support:

o Provide technical support and training to other IT team members.

o Perform L3 troubleshooting and scale-out management.

• Partner Connectivity:

o Manage partner connectivity via ZPA (certificates, support, etc.).

o Implement business continuity plans.

o Monitor and maintain service level agreements (SLA) with vendors.

o Manage new projects and report to senior management.

o Monitor the progress and quality of projects and operations.



• Experience:

o Minimum of 3 years in a similar role with the following technology experience:

 Demonstrated experience managing Fortinet firewalls.

 Network management experience in AWS (VPCs, routing, VPNs with partners).

 Knowledge and experience with monitoring systems such as Kibana, Zabbix, Grafana, FortiManager, and FortiAnalyzer.

 Proficiency with Zscaler (ZIA and ZPA) and cloud security solutions.

 Strong understanding of VPNs, load balancers, web application firewalls, and NGFW.

 Experience in proxy administration and configuration.

 Basic Linux server administration.

 Basic knowledge of cloud networking.

 Strong LAN knowledge and experience, including routing, switching, and network protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, Radius, Cisco, Aruba, etc.).

 Fortinet certification (minimum NSE 4, preferable NSE 7 or 8).

• Preferred Skills:

o Knowledge of Java and Oracle DB 19c.

o Familiarity with HP ITSM (Incident Management).

Education & Language:


o Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Networking, or a related field.

• Languages:

o Fluency in English and Spanish is essential.

o French proficiency is a plus, as your corporate manager is based in Paris and operational English is required.

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